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What did you do over the holiday weekend to help your posture?

I want you to sit back (you probably already are) and just think of all the things that you do in a day leaning forward with your arms out in front of you… for example, eating, working at a computer, cleaning, gardening, among many others.

Now, what is your sitting posture like? Do you slouch on the couch at night to watch TV because your couch is actually too big for you? Or what about sleeping… do you sleep on your side or use 2 pillows if you are on your back?

So looking at all the time you spend getting pulled forward, when do your back, shoulders and hips get to stretch out in an extended position? You need to spend some time each day letting gravity pull you in the opposite direction. It’s time to think about stretching during the day, and definitely at night before you go to sleep.

When you first go to bed try lying on your back for 15 minutes with one small pillow under your head only (not your shoulders) or even without a pillow and stretch your legs out straight. Make sure to give your back the love it needs!

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