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Lights! Camera! Action!

Monday we took a huge step closer towards getting this app ready to roll out to you guys! With the help of Gabe Kimpson, we shot all the footage needed for our introductory video. This video will be on our website and will explain who we are and what our app is going to do. Stay tuned, video will be posted next week.

Our big goal with this video is to show people our vision. We want to get people to understand why this app is important for them to add into their daily routines, as well as how much it will help them alleviate some of the chronic pain they experience based on their lifestyles. We will show a few of the problems that we see as well as people moving around wit

h muscle imbalances so it really illustrates how much our lifestyles dictate the way we move throughout the day and in our life.

Make sure to check back next week! Development starts in a few weeks!!

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