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Have you subscribed to "The Fit Times" Newsletter?

FitTime5 has a monthly newsletter sent out to all our subscribers and users: “The Fit Times”. Our newsletter will be sent out once a month and packed with various fitness facts, stretches of the month, links to articles and websites, advice from the experts, pictures and testimonials from our users, a feedback section, and much more.

Our June newsletter discusses the importance of proper footwear both during the day and your workouts (see blog posted on June 3rd). We also highlight our stretch of the month: “The Diagonal Neck Pull”. A great stretch to help loosen up any stiffness through your neck and upper traps and shoulders. This can also help reduce headaches!

One important section of each newsletter we want to highlight is our “feedback section.” We are a user-based app that wants to create a daily platform that is easy and effective to use, to help our users feel better by stretching and maintaining a better balance for their bodies. Therefore, we want your feedback! Please feel free to share any comments you have (positive or negative). They will be emailed back to us so we can take into account what people like and don’t like, or would like to see. We want your help in making FitTime5 the future in workplace flexibility.

Have any pictures of you or coworkers using FitTime5? Email them over to us so we can post them on our social media! The more people we can get using this 5-minute program, the less daily stiffness and chronic injuries our population will have to endure.

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