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Have you followed FitTime5 yet on Twitter? We post daily tweets reminding you to #getupandmove and put you in the perspective of the objects in your office. One day it might be your overused chair, or computer, or your stiff body… we give the inanimate a voice!

“I feel like I’m on a hamster wheel today! It’s been non-stop… turning, and turning, short break, and more turning. I’m getting dizzy here” - your overused printer

“Imagine this… there’s a huge hand, bigger than a person, smothering and moving you around all day… sweating on you… now think of how I feel!” - your computer desk

“Can you imagine the dent you would have if somebody sat on your all day!? Wouldn’t be pretty…” - your overused chair

Download FitTime5 today and send us any pictures and feedback you have using the app.

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