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"It's the little things. I have just started this app & have found it to be a great tool. I needed a place to start as over the last handful of years my days have gotten longer in a sedentary career and I have become very stiff & have lost flexibility. This offers an efficient tool to move & stretch as well as an added perk as it ended up being relaxing which is a great benefit for stress & tension."
"FitTime5 is easy to use. Even when I get busy at work I still find a few minutes for myself." 
"I love my daily reminders! I get busy and so often forget to move around throughout the day. Thanks FitTime5!"
"Easy to do, but most importantly beneficial! Spend five minutes a day, each day stretching different muscle groups. If you haven't done ANYTHING in a while, this is a great place to start. It's not daunting, the videos are easy to follow, and your body will feel better at the same time that you'll feel better about yourself!" 
"I have had lower back pain since my daughter was born a few years ago. This is the first routine I've found that makes me feel better every day! I like that I can save my favorite stretches and go back to them later."
"I love this app! I used to sit for several hours at work because I was concentrating on a project or whatever! Then I would move and my back would be so sore. Now, I receive reminders at the time I set... to get up and stretch! Amazing how much better I feel during the day!"
"I can't remember the last time I felt this good! I sit at my desk all day and have noticed such a difference with just 5-minutes a day."
"Best I've felt in 20 years!" 
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