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Be careful with those flip-flops!

Well, it’s summertime, the weather is heating up and it’s time to go crazy with your feet! Do you ever consider what your feet are going through with your “stylish” sandals, flip-flops or even barefoot?

It is OK to wear flip-flops for short periods of time, but they are NOT walking shoes! They are a huge contributor to the numerous people with flat feet these days. Having flat feet can cause problems the whole way up the chain, possibly leading to knee, hip, and back injuries later down the line.

For those of you who love heels, they actually shorten your calf muscles. Do your calves cramp up throughout the day or while you’re working out? Your high heels might be causing some of that. Heels are okay to wear, but it’s crucial that you spend some time stretching the muscles in your calves out.

And, our barefoot you know how many injuries occur when people are in bare feet? Check out this article:

You need shoes, and specifically some arch support, to keep your feet healthy. Think of how hard you are on your feet. We use our feet for so much of our daily lives. Protect your feet now and save the problems later down the road!

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