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Video Complete! Check it!

The final prep work has been finished! We now have a video posted on our home page which discusses the problems we see and why we think there’s a huge need for an app like this. We see so many fitness apps that help people exercise or stretch before and after work, if they actually stay consistent in keeping up with it. What we haven’t seen is a simple, engaging app that focuses on your time AT WORK, making sure that you take 5 minutes at least a few times per day to get up and stretch. Our bodies were meant to stand upright, not be hunched over at a desk all day. Many of us have heard the quote, “A body in motion stays in motion.” This includes your workday too!

Here are a few screenshots of the video. Make sure to check it out and see if you think this app will help you and the people you care about that sit for so many hours every single day. If you find this intriguing, please, we need your help. Costs of building apps are insane, especially making sure you build a good one that people will like and actually use. We have found a great developer and ask for your contribution in helping us raise the funds necessary to get this app rolled out to the public. Any donation is highly appreciated. We have rewards for different tiers, and want to personally thank each donor in helping us make this country a healthier, stronger version of itself.

Our @Kickstarter campaign starts Monday 7/25/16. Thank you for your support. Big things to come!!

Check the video on our HOME page of our website!

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