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How many hours have you sat in the same position this week?

It’s Wednesday. A few days into our work week… we want you to think about the last couple days. How many hours have you spent sitting in one position so far?

Do you ever think about how tight your hip flexors (the muscles in the front of your hip and thigh) are getting when they stay bunched up all day? Think about this… when we sit, it causes our hip flexors to tighten and shorten in length. This happens when we sit at work, sit more driving in our car, sit more when we unwind at night on the couch, and even when we lie on our side at night to sleep.

We spend numerous hours each day shortening these muscles. So what happens when we try to stand up and stretch them back out? That’s where this low back pain epidemic we have comes in. So many people experience back pain and it’s mainly caused by this imbalance in our hips. We tighten up the front of our hips, therefore lengthening (weakening) the back of our hips. This causes dysfunctions when we walk, run, stand up, and just go through our lives.

Solution: #getupandmove and add your FitTime5 routine at least once per day. Your body will feel the difference when you stretch out those stiff hips!

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