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Summer is here and so are those summer bike rides!

Have you gotten your bike out of the garage yet to enjoy a nice, warm, summer ride? Pedaling through the warm air with the subtle breeze hitting your face. Not a care in the world as you stroll on through, until… your back starts acting up!

Are you having lower back problems when you’re riding or getting off your bike? Nothing is more debilitating than feeling like you’re permanently bent over forward after all those hours holding your handle bars. This can be due to your bikes fit for your body. Many people actually ride bikes that are too big for them.

Two even bigger problems that contribute to this pain and discomfort are: the lack of flexibility many of us have in our trunk muscles, as well as weakness in our core. Just think about the posture that you have on your bike… are you hunched forward? Think of how many hours you are spending in that same position. Not to mention the long work week that you also spent sitting down and reinforcing negative mechanics in your spine.

Posture is one of the biggest causes of back pain! So, when you get off your bike, spend 5-minutes and open up your FitTime5 app and stretch those tight muscles out, followed by a quick core strengthening routine to keep your abs engaged throughout the day to protect your back. You will be able to ride longer and further the next time you get on that bike.

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