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Look UP!

So let’s ask you a few questions… How is your posture?

Do your neck muscles feel sore or tired throughout the day?

Do you ever get headaches throughout the day?

All day long, gravity pulls us forward and down towards the ground. This can be very damaging to your neck, shoulders and back, as well as can lead to headaches, organ failure, and a long-list of injuries and disfunctions.

As we look down, the muscles in the back of our necks lengthen (and actually weaken), whereas the front of our necks get tighter and shorter. As you start changing around the dynamics of your body, the above problems (among many others) usually aren’t too far behind.

We see this primarily with our time at the computers and driving. But another culprit… Cell phones! How many people do you see walking and looking down at their phone?? Think of how many hours we spend every single day getting pulled forward.

Now, what can we do!? You can help this by raising your computer screen so you are looking forward (up) and not down, and raising your TV so you are looking at a level angle rather than down. You may look a little funny, but try holding your phone up higher so you aren’t straining your neck all day looking down at it. Watch after a week you might just fix that lingering pain!

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