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New Exercises Are Up!

The past few months have been busy at FitTime5. We were able to launch the app to the Apple Store, as well as get out in the community and talk to people about how this program can help how they feel each day. We hope you have all seen some benefit so far in using our app!

Please share with your friends and leave us a review if you like what we've put out so far!

We recently uploaded a bunch of new exercises into each category and will be adding more in the next few weeks. We are transitioning over to full videos rather than using the .gif images that we had before. This will give you better quality videos, a chime so you know when to switch sides, and more realistic visuals to help aid you in your stretching.

Our first FitTime5 newsletter will be sent out via email this week so make sure to subscribe to our mailing list for app updates, stretches of the month spotlights, a question and answer section, and much much more.

2018 is going to be a huge year for workplace flexibility! Thanks for your support!

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